NOOK1E DotA at Dreamhack Winter 2011

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Разное видео от oQoJo:

Dota Video
Just a fun project made about me and NOOK1E DotA at the Dreamhack Winter 2011 DotA 2 tournament. This is nothing serious and I hope you wont take it as showoff or whatever. Anyway I had such an awesome time that I wanted to document it in this way, mostly for me and my friends. The edit in this movie, well lets just say what edit? I hope its still fun to watch even though its quite long. Id like to thank everyone I met at Dreamhack, was really awesome and Im looking forward to see you again soon. Also special thank to Helical for helping me translate the Russian VODs and to Ganjaman for inspiring us before facing Shakira. Dont forget to subscribe and follow me at facebook

Enjoy ;)
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