Dota - MindVision Vol.2

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DotA видео от BloowTheSaxo:

*Watch In HD* At last Dota- M.V2 is finally out! Games contain more Competitive scenes than our first vid! Games were played on GGC ,inhouses, Clan wars and high skilled pubs! The best part of the video starts when the second song starts to play. Hope You enjoy this one guys, We tried really hard!The video was hard to produce since we started to play with hardcore people P so it was hard to gather the scenes, its really hard to Play mindgame with ninjas ^^.
Songs Used
Intro Lazlo Bane - Superman
1st Cloud Connected - In Flames
2nd Foo Fighters - Pretender
3rd The Little Things
Programs Used
Warcraft III TFT, Fraps , Sony Vegas 7.0, Garena
Thanks to all the players we played with
Special Thanks on Credits
Map 6.59d
Special Thanks + rtmssOuL ^^, forgot this pro P
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