DotA - Arkana [Trailer]

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DotA видео от Maestr00o:

I have improve my editing skills a lot i thought, and now im proud to present you my new trailer for my upcoming project, DotA - Arkana.
(Count your moves 3 will be uploaded in this week. i have fix my modem router)

*Watch in HD
*Enjoy, Comment, Rate and subscribe

*Thanks to all replay contributors for their support.
*In this movie some of the schenes are played by me and others by some DotA stars

-Music Bring the pain - Brand X music
-Programmes used Sony Vegas Platinum 9, AAECS4, Warcraft III TFT + Replay Seeker-Simple Camera plugins, APCS5, skull template

*Special thanks to Adrew Cramer and his tutorials (really helped me to improve my editing skills)

Stay Tuned.... -George-

-For everyone who wants to send me some replays
1 upload your replay at mediafire, rapidshare or something like that
2 send a private message here with the link
3 with replay send me informations of the -time, what happens at that momm-your nickname-
example at min 15 i was kunkka and i do a blind torrent on clinz invis in fog

IMPORTAND* i do not own any copyrights of the song.
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