Musicforloserzs DotA Editing Competition - Prize DOTA 2 BETA KEY

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DotA видео от MusicForLoserz:

1.Maximum length is 100 minute if it is 103 its ok cause youtube always buffs the length of the video.
2.Send me a pm with the title DOTA 2 CONTEST.And in the PM has to say the following
Link with the movie can be megaupload,zshare etc...So basically link me to the download file.
3.You can use any music of youre choice.
4.The movie can have 50 secs on intros and 10 sec of gameplay or the other way around.
5.The jury will be me,ADL,M3R3E3
6.The deadline is 30th december and the winner will be announced the 31st of december.
7.If you wish to promote this video upload it to your channel and link this video.
8.Sorry for the bad audio quality recorded with the wrong program and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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