Weaver - (some) stuff you should know about weaver [6.82]

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Dota 2 видео от Dota D.Bowie:

0:25 - 1. You can use orbs with germinate attack as of 6.82. even though it's too
early to say that diffusal is good on weaver there's another alternative
to bkb against heavy silence teams. You can purge dust and silence with
diffusal which could be good, experiment and let me know (:

0:40 - 2. You can go back to a teamfight instantly by buying back and ulting.
You get the same effect if you just wait to respawn but the teamfight
will be most likely over.

1:01 - 3. At the early levels if you don't have lvl 4 shukuchi it's usually
safe to ult before shukuching. Since you can get chain-stunned and die.

1:08 - 4. It takes a while to practice how to lasthit with germinate attack.
You can get really close to the creeps, but that's not always viable
specially playing offlane. Practice!

1:42 - 5. If you're fighting someone don't break the shukuchi right after reaching
attack range. Always position yourself in the path the hero is taking.
When fighting multiple targets try to position yourself in fogs
right before shukuchi ends. This way you limit the chances of getting
chain stunned.

2:46 - 6.When diving towers you can secure less tower hits by using swarm on creeps/Heroes.
It draws tower aggro.

3:18 - 7. If you're playing a 1 vs 1 lane you can skip boots until 8~9mins to go for
greedy items like midas, early perseverance, aquila.
If you have kill potential in the lane it's best to get boots and secure
those early kills

3:25 - 8. If your support gives you a ward when offlaning you can get a clarity
and get super fast to ward and still block the creeps. You'll be almost
full mana and won't be dewarded (if any spawn gets blocked).

4:22 - 9. Weaver didn't saw a lot of play after 6.82 was launched. You can
use orb effects with the extra attack from shukuchi.

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Dota D.Bowie
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