Purge's Guide to Blocking and Dewarding Neutrals

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Dota 2 видео от PurgeGamers:

Hello! I made a video detailing blocking and dewarding Neutrals! You can do this easily too, just follow the steps at the start to make it go faster.

Here are timestamps for each camp if you want to use this as a reference in the future.

00:00 How to test for block spots yourself
02:00 Basics of blocking camps wth wards and bodies
10:05 Showing marks on ground for typical ranges
11:12 Dire Small Pull Camp block/unblock and reasons to block/unblock
18:45 Radiant Small Pull Camp block/unblock
24:20 Warding Mind games on Radiant pull camp
26:12 Radiant Ancients Block/Unblock
31:38 Dire Ancients Block/Unblock
35:55 Radiant left Large camp block/unblock
36:37 Radiant Left Medium Camp block/unblock
40:35 Radiant Middle Large Camp block/unblock
45:09 Radiant Right Medium Camp block/unblock
48:13 Dire Right Large Camp block/unblock
53:41 Dire North Medium Camp block/unblock
56:48 Dire South Medium Camp block/unblock
59:15 Dire Left Large Camp block/unblock
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