EPIC - DotA Movie [Replay request]

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DotA видео от oQoJo:

This is just a small trailer with some random and different edit techniques I wanted to try and I think will draw attention to the project. My goal with this project is to create the best DotA video ever created, both in edit and scenes. To be able to do this will I need your help. Since I dont play much DotA anymore will I depend on your replays. Every player that join this project will ofc get a playertag in the movie and will be mentioned in the credits.

Link to support this at playdota.com http://www.playdota.com/videos/2226

If you want to join this project, this is how you should proceed

1. Email to [email protected] or upload your replay to an uploading website like www.megaupload.com etc.
2. Write me a private message here on youtube with the link if you uploaded it to a website, a description and time of the event and the player name you want to get posted in the video. It is important to write a good description of the replay because I will only watch replays I find inresting from this.

It should look something like this

Player name Qoj
Time 1337 (This should be the replay time and NOT the game time)
Description 1 hp survival Kunkka turns around and kills 5 full hp heroes with 1 hit
3. Join my page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Qojs-DotA-Productions/183833878299798? Here will I post news about this projects, I will ask for specific scenes and if you like and want to follow my work I highly recommend you to join. It will be a great way for us to communicate and a way for you to support me.

I hope you will find interest in this project and that I will see your replays soon.

Regards // Qoj
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