DotA - MYM Prime Defending 12

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DotA видео от KnightmareDotA:

*UPDATE3* Sound is FINALLY back!
*UPDATE2* Link to the video on
*UPDATE* Rights are broken in vimeo too i dont know what the fuck is it. Ill fix that soon.

Yes! Here it is! My first published movie - MYM Prime Defending #12. It contains best moves all over the tournament with an emphasis on teamplay, skill and confidence. Simply best teams and players of the world. Hope you like it! ENJOY!

Project notes
Spend two months on this project. I could not do such effects in my movie because of slow computer (it could be edited much better than this). Program used Adobe After Effects CS4, Sony Vegas Pro 10.0, Fraps, Console Hider, Warcraft III Viewer and Replay Seeker with simple camera.
Final render weights 356mb. Preferences HDV 720-30p (1280x720; 29,970 fps *.wmv).
Music Celldweller - Pulsar (000 - 033), Pendulum - Crush (035 - 359), Pendulum - Self vs Self (402 - 807).
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