DotA - Cease and Decease

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DotA видео от Crippen:

For a better viewing experience, please watch in 480p or 720p!

My 2nd feature-length DotA Movie, made specially for my DotA buddies.

This DotA movie demonstrates
- Near-death mind games and escapes
- Perceptive skill shots
- High speed reflex-based moves
- Timing precision
- Mass massacres

... All from public games! HATERS BE HATIN.

That being said, I worked hard on this video and hope that you enjoy it. I hope that it is enough of an improvement on my first failure of a DotA movie called Coup de Grace. Comments on why you liked/hated the video is appreciated. Have a nice day!

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более года назад
Супер! Давно таких не встречал!
более года назад
так себе..

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