Dota 2 Lets Analyze Losses - Lion , Venge, Bane

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Dota 2 видео от PurgeGamers:

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I haven't made one of these in over a year but I seem to remember they were received pretty well, and I accumulated a large amount of losses yesterday while playing solo que so I thought this was the video to make.

The point of these is to watch over my past games and see what kinds of things that I could have done better to get kills, get advantage, and then keep that advantage. As you play more and more dota, especially if you want to get better faster, it helps to watch your own replays and improve on your mistakes.

Many mistakes aren't noticed until you watch the replay, so the feedback you get is really helpful.

Here are the Match ID's of the games in this video. Download them soon if you want to watch them!

Lion game: 1379763451
Vengeful Spirit game: 1380191621
Bane game: 1380317847

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