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DotA видео от TheSneakyTV:

I wanna start of by saying that this video is completely dedicated for all the people that since my last video were keep asking for new one, and they were actually the ones to make me do it as i did not intend to make a new one of DotA. Now about the video in general its in my usual style, tricks, jukes , things first time seen etc no overused arrows,invi razes,pudge hooks. With a rock music soundtrack.
Now about the future, i have already moved to Dota 2 and i would be more than glad if you kept track of my progress,as many MANY things will come from there so subscribe me at youtube and like my FB page at

Track list
Sixx A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt
Mashup] Linkin Park & Celldweller - Wretches And Scardonia
Move Your Body - My Darkest Days
Future World Music - Time Keepers

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