Dota 2 - 101%

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Dota 2 видео от DotaCinema:

Message from w200me:

Hello. At first I would like to say thanks to all our viewers for watching us this year. We appreciate every single help. I personally read most of your comments under my videos, and try to adjust to your advice. Thanks for your support and kind words.

Today I present you my new montage called 101%. During second half of the year I have been watching a lot of Dota's pro-scene. I selected, in my opinion, most interesting and entertaining scenes and I hope you will enjoy it. Some of you may ask "Why 101%?". That's because every player has to do his bests and sometimes 100% is not enough - you need to be one step ahead and achieve this extra 1%.

Music :

Arkana - Telekinesis
Being Human - Skrux (Arkana Remix)
Arkana - Genesis
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