Vengeful Spirit - (some) stuff you should know

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Dota 2 видео от Dota D.Bowie:

1. When playing against enigma, void, witch doctor, pudge,
bane, legion commander position yourself propperly to
disrupt their ults.

Nether swap goes through bkb.

2. If you go for magic missile at lvl 1 try to aquire +2 int.
You can cast magic missile twice in a row.

4.Wave of terror is really usefull to scout high ground and roshan.

5.If you're going to swap someone do it before stunning. The range of the stun is too short
and it will make the swap less effective.

6.Medalion is always a good pick on venge. It helps teamfights and roshan attempts.

7.When you're playing carry venge aghanim is not exactly useful, go for bkb
and damage items.
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Dota D.Bowie
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