Visage - (some) stuff you should know about

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Dota 2 видео от Dota D.Bowie:

1. Familiars deal physical damage. It can be a good idea to rush
a medalion to boost familiar damage in teamfights and grab an
early roshan.

2. Some heroes are very good against familiars: kunkka, luna,
bristleback, Axe are some examples.

3. You can farm and stack camps really easily with visage.
You can split push lanes as well. It's good to have a resumon
in these situations though. You don't want to lose familiars
to ganks or to fight without them.

4.Don't let people get in your head when they say you "ks" them.
Visage's nuke is REALLY bad if you don't get charges. Don't hold
the nuke though, the cd is really low.

5. Familiar stun is a great skill for caotic teamfights. Learn/Train
unit tabbing to get the most out of your flying dudes.

6. Aghs is pretty much core on visage. Mek was popular some time ago
but with the mana cost increase you most likely will need arcanes as well.
Pair that with the increasig trend of mid/offlane heroes going mek and
rush that aghs when you can.

7.You can grave chill any non-allied unit. This allows you to use the skill
in lane creeps to run from ganks or to chase people to throw that last
soul assumption.

8. As of now visage's popularity is really low compared to one year go.
She's still a really good support for lanes and ganks. Try to pair it
with drow ranger/lycan for extra pushing power.
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Dota D.Bowie
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